Singapore DIDs (Phone Numbers)

Telcoson is an ITSP approved by IDA Singapore since 2010. We are approved to deliver quality voice service to voice service providers around the world. We own and operate our range of Singapore phone numbers. They are level-3 numbers (+65-31XXXXXX) and fully interconnected with all Singapore telcos, including SingTel, StarHub and M1.

Singapore Inward DIDs Service

We offer wholesale inward DIDs service to all voice and VoIP service providers around the world. Your company can subscribe from Telcoson the required quantity of Singapore DIDs (Phone Numbers). When the Singapore DID / Singapore Phone Number is dial and reaches our voice gateway, we will connect the call to your own voice gateway over IP. We can operate on both g711 and g729 codecs. Due to regulation of IDA Singapore, we must maintain a full detailed list of DID subscribers detail including copy of identity document.

Quality of Service

Telcoson operates our own PoP. All voice calls are delivered to Telcoson PoP via PSTN located at Equinix SG1 and delivered to your voice gateway directly over IP. With this, you can be assured we deliver the highest voice quality possible with low latency. Our PoP are equipped with A-B power sources and we are also operating fully automated redundancy hardware in unlikely case of hardware failure.